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“Alice sweet Alice you’re heart is my keep. Together forever eternity sleeps”

Alive in wonderland:

Alice leaned back in the seat watching out the car window as the trees passed by.
“Alice don’t you want something”? Her mother had asked while they stopped at a local gas station.
Alice said nothing merely continued to stare out the window.
Her mother sighed softly “it’s hopeless trying anymore isn’t it”? She whispered as she softly closed the door. Alice lifted her pale blue eyes to where her mother had once stood.
It had been nearly seven years since she had visited wonderland.
And until this very moment she had tried hard not to think about it. It was a strange place created by her mind. She wondered how it might look now.
A splatter of rain hit the window catching her attention. She loved the rain. Twisting her fingers through her long blond hair she listened to the soft pitter patter of the gentle rain. Her mother ran across the parking lot as if trying to avoid the rain. But doing quite poorly at it. Pulling the door open she slid in next to Alice.
“Here ya go” she replied happily as she handed Alice a bottle of fresh water.
The words –Drink me- flashed across her mind bringing a slight grin to her face.
“I thought you might like it. It’s strawberry” her mother explained obviously seeing the slight smirk.
Alice twisted the top off taking a small sip. It fizzed slightly in her mouth. Something she had not quite expected. But still if was alright. Pulling her bag into her lap she pulled out a sketch pad flipping it open. It consisted of all the people she had met in Wonderland.
The Mad Hatter, The queen of hearts, the March hare and even the Cheshire cat. But they where not quite the same as she remembered them. They had a darker sense to them.
Her mother sighed.
“Oh not that again how many times do I have to tell you there is no wonderland?”
Alice ignored her as she began to sketch a picture. Soft grey strokes.
She began with the Mad Hatter tall and dark. His face hidden beneath thick layers of silver hair but gorgeous all the same. She drew him in a new sense nothing like she could remember. He was taller and younger, maybe it was because she had changed.
Or maybe her memories of that place where fading.
Either way this is how the picture would turn out. Dark and twisted, full of harsh strokes and dark pen lines. Just like all the others. A slight chill raced down her spine and she turned looking out the window. The rain was beginning to pick up.
-Where were they going-?
She was sure her mother had told her. But now she couldn’t remember.
Should she ask?
But it had been nearly six years since she had spoken to anyone.
Again she looked out the window. But she recognized nothing.
She pondered the thought then Sketched out a simple
‘Where are we going’? on a piece of paper.
At first her mother ignored her. So Alice tugged softly in her sleeve.
“One moment Alice” her mother had said as she maneuvered around the traffic.
After a while she turned glancing at the pad.
“I already told you” she started as she turned to face her daughter.
But a sharp and startled cry from Alice cut her off. Before another word was spoken a truck crashed against the passenger side. Alice tried to shield her face from the shattering glass. But she was cut along the arms and hands.
But that was the last thing she remembered. The world around her went dark…
Seven years after alice left Wonderland she is in an accidnet. A car wreak. Placing her into a coma, and back into wonderland. But it's not the same place she remembers. Now it's dark and twisted much like the fragments of her mind. She has thirteen hours to pull herself free from Wonderland or she will be trapped there forever.
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Wow! This is really good! :D
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Thanks so much!
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The slithery dee scuttled out of the sea
He ate all the others,but he didn't eat me
The slithery dee scuttled out of the sea
He ate all the others,but he didn't eat-
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Im thinking about starting back up on Alive in Wonderland. Thanks for actually taking the time to read it! ♥
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I love it, Please update soon!!!!
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Actually there is.
I just havn't updated in forever, I currently don't have internet. XD

But I will get it up soon.
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